FARO Laser Measuring System

The FARO Laser Tracker Xi V2 adds higher accuracy and expanded temperature range.

The FARO Laser Tracker Xi V2 is a portable contact measurement system which uses laser technology to accurately measure large parts and machinery across a wide range of industrial applications. It has a 230-foot range, achieves 0.001” accuracy, and runs in two-distance measurement modes: XtremeADM (Absolute Distance Measurement) and Interferometer; making it the most accurate and flexible Laser Tracker system. In addition, the FARO Laser Tracker Xi V2 has many advanced exclusive performance features:

  • XtremeADM*: The GPS calibrated XtremeADM is twice as accurate as before. It adds high-speed measurement to FARO’s advanced break-the-beam technology, making it the most accurate and versatile ADM system available.
  • Smart Warm-Up: Runs automatically when the Tracker is switched on, and heats it to a stable temperature in half the time of the previous model. Reduces downtime; begin measuring more quickly.
  • Self Comp*: This five minute automatic compensation routine ensures the highest accuracy regardless of where the tracker is mounted.

The system measures 3D coordinates with its laser by following a mirrored spherical probe. With high accuracy angular encoders and XtremeADM — Absolute Distance Measurement, it reports the 3D position of the probe in real-time. It enables manufacturing, service, engineering, and quality control professionals to measure and align large parts, assemblies, and machinery on-site, in-process, or wherever it’s most efficient and cost-effective. With the exclusive technology in the Xi, the FARO Tracker is even more battle-ready for your facility’s most extreme measurement challenges.

FEC purchased the FARO in early 2009 out of a necessity to manufacture some of our larger military projects where tight tolerances over long distances are pertinent to the design and operation of the system. Since then we have trained a number of our technicians and have a highly capable staff of FARO Operators. FEC offers the services of these skilled technicians and the FARO laser at a very competitive rate for field usage and site visits. If your job needs precise and accurate measurements over long distances, please contact FEC Military Sales to quote your project (sales@federalequipment.com).