To supplement FEC’s variety of Navy weapons handling equipment (WHE), our specialized weapons design team developed the storage and handling system for the Surface Mine Neutralization System (SMNS) working with Lockheed Martin Corporation. Implemented on mine counter measure (MCM) vessels such as the Avenger Class ships, the system is utilized to stow the SeaFox unmanned underwater vehicle (UUV). The SeaFox UUV’s are deployed primarily for mine disposal as well as intelligence and surveillance missions.

The SeaFox storage and handling system consists of two main components, the rack and the hoist. The rack assembly provides safe and efficient stowage for the SeaFox and is fully shock qualified in accordance with MIL-S-901. The robust design is completely marinized incorporating shock isolation mounts to sustain the extreme forces of a shock event as well as sea states. The hoist assembly is utilized to lift and transport the SeaFox UUV’s in preparation for launch. The motors are pneumatically operated with one motor to raise/lower the vehicle and another to traverse the space. The SeaFox drones are stored in two separate spaces so two hoists are required along with 3 unique racks per shipset.