FEC has become the Navy's leading choice for specialized hoists utilized for critical handling of various weapons and cargo. Our hoists can be found throughout weapons magazines and aviation maintenance spaces on aircraft carriers (CVN's) and amphibious ships (LHA/LPD's).

Most notably, FEC's development and production of a new concept, low headroom trolley type pneumatic hoist helped to resolve a fleet wide obsolescence issue. These hoists are typically used to facilitate weapons assembly and transfer onboard the ship. As such, they undergo extreme qualification and load testing including shock and vibration testing.

Additionally, FEC can furnish a variety of hoists for shipboard applications in accordance with customer requirements. Manual chain hoists, electric hoists, wire rope or chain, of varying capacities and lifts can also be provided. Related hoisting accessories such as pendant controls, monorails, turntables, track clamps, etc., can be included pending customer requests. All FEC hoist components whether air, electric, or manual powered are tested and certified in accordance with applicable specifications (e.g., MIL-H-24591, MIL-H-2813, MIL-H-904, ASME HST-1,-2,-3,-4,& -5, etc.).