Shipboard Cranes


Federal Equipment has designed and manufactured a bridge crane system for the LPD class vessels. The system is capable of providing rapid movement of cargo between the cargo staging area on the ships third deck and landing craft in the ships well. The system consists of six (6) traveling cranes mounted to and riding on a closed loop overhead bi-rail track system.

Each traveling crane consists of the necessary machinery to provide two (2) separate hoisting motions, two (2) separate boom rack motions, one (1) crane traversing motion, a cab for the operator and control mechanisms, and the necessary support frame structure. The track system consists of an oval loop bi-rail track which provides paths for the crane rollers, as well as support for the gear rack by which the cranes propel themselves. In conjunction with the track system and mounted inboard of the inner rail, an electric “Feedrail” system is mounted by which electric power is transmitted from the ships source to the traveling cranes. A spur track is mounted at the forward end of the track system for removing disabled cranes from the main track. Appropriate switching is provided to connect the main and spur tacks. In addition to the LPD Class Bridge Crane assemblies, FEC has a line of Ammo Handling System Cranes for Naval vessels.