Munition Handling Equipment

Under contract with Lockheed Martin, Federal Equipment Company (FEC) has developed the storage and handling system for the Navy’s Surface Mine Neutralization System (SMNS). This system is implemented on the Avenger Class Mine Countermeasure Ships and uses the SeaFox munition, which is an anti-mine marine drone.

The storage and handling of SeaFox drones consist of two main parts, the rack and the hoist. The rack safely stores all munitions and provides shock protection in the event the ship becomes under attack and meets MIL-S-901D. The robust design and the shock isolators ensure that maximum force a drone will ever see in any shock event is 8g.

The hoist is used to lift and transport the SeaFox drones from the rack to prepare them for launch. It is pneumatically operated and uses a motor to lift the munitions and a motor to traverse across the room. The drones are stored in two separate rooms so two hoists and three unique racks are required for each ship.

From design to fabrication, the employees at FEC can help keep the waters safer for our sailors for many years to come.