Helicopter Hangars

Federal Equipment Company has emerged as a leader in supplying, repairing and installing vertical rolling doors for both the United States Coast Guard and Navy. Federal Equipment Company supplies all repair parts for the helicopter hangar doors either directly from the OEM or manufactured in-house to exceed OEM requirements. With the experience we have in military door specifications, it is with no surprise that we excell in this specialized area.

In addition to the doors themselves, Federal Equipment Company has replaced or repaired Hangar Door Drive Assemblies on various U.S. Navy Ships. We provide complete technical representation and replacement parts for all types of retractable helicopter hagar systems for Navy and Coast Guard Vessels.

To further utilize our expertise , our Hangar project was combined with our experience in Conveyor systems to create a new Retractable Helicopter Hangar for the USCG. Our design allowed for a compact helicopter hangar for the Navy Conversion Vessel to fully function to the Coast Guard's needs.