Federal Equipment Company designs and builds elevator equipment that is essential for the strict safety requirements of a Navy ship. Ranging from our rigorously tested elevator doors and hatches to our improved fork truck guards, the equipment we provide more than exceeds navy requirements. All of these systems were designed in-house and meet our quality standards.

In addition to supplying equipment for elevators, we have recently partnered with MagneMotion to design and build a Advanced Weapons Elevator for the CVN-78 Class aircraft carriers. Being awarded the contract allowed Federal Equipment Company to expand itself into a major competitor in the elevator market.

Beyond our own elevator systems and replacement parts, Federal Equipment Company is proud to have QEI Certified Elevator Inspectors in our staff to assist in repairing, certifying, or recertifying your already installed elevator systems. Our experience from our recent NASA contract to repair a wide variety of elevators allows us to provide excellent service to all of our customers.