Military R&D / Automated Shipboard Material Handling

FEC recently completed a 5-year program with Advanced Technology International (ATI) through the Office of Naval Research (ONR) for development of a Proof of Concept (POC) for an automated shipboard material handling system. FEC was down selected through a Phase 1 and Phase 1B to build a working prototype of our concept for Phase 2.

The system, which uses linear motors for both horizontal and vertical propulsion of an aluminum Payload Carrier, is rated to handle loads up to 6,000 lbs. The automated loading and unloading of the elevator, along with a split elevator platform design, will eliminate many of the bottlenecks the Navy, MSC, and the Coast Guard have in their fleet. Along with these additional capabilities, the ship will maintain the luxury of using the system as a conventional elevator when needed.

The POC was completed and tested in August 2010. The system represents one cantilevered split elevator platform and horizontal material movement in both the X and Y axes. With continued support from ONR and ATI, FEC modified and installed the HRVHMM on MSC’s T-AKE 11 (the USS Washington Chambers) for operational sea trial testing in April 2011.


The following video is shows a theoretical application simulation on a ship, the POC in our factory, and operation of it on an MSC ship.   


Common Launch and Recovery System

FEC has worked on proposals to design and manufacture a “Common Launch and Recovery System” to General Dynamics Robotics Systems in conjunction with Kornylak Corporation. This automated technology was developed for potental integration in future LCS Ships. It is designed to reduce manpower required by current Advanced Flight Mined Warfare (MIW) Mission Package watercraft detachment and the time to perform the Launch and Recovery (L&R)