ALRE/Aviation Support

With a background in aircraft carrier weapons/aviation handling, FEC also has experience working with NAVAIR/NAWC (Naval Air Warfare Center) ALRE systems. Whether the project involves manufacturing to build-to-print (BTP) NAWC drawings or developing a new bomb hoist, FEC is fully capable. (Note that FEC has been the leading supplier of the Catapult Jet Blast Deflector System Cooling Manifolds via NAVSUP.)

RAST Systems

Federal Equipment Company houses the capability to provide replacement parts for a multitude of shipboard equipment manufacturers. Because we can offer replacement parts for systems such as RAST (Recovery Assist, Secure, Traverse), our broad range of OEM drawings can help you get what you need quickly.
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JBD Manifolds

On aircraft carriers (CVN’s), one of the more distinguishable features on the flight deck is the catapult system’s Jet Blast Deflectors (JBDs). Just aft of each of the four catapults are the JBDs which are deployed during flight operations while launching aircraft from the catapults.
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Ground Support Equipment

Along with our vast Naval Support product line, Federal Equipment Company also supplies various types of ground support handling equipment to the US Army and US Air Force.
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