Published Rates

Published Rates 2019

Technical Representative:

  • Conus - $1800  / day, 3-day minimum.
  • OConus - $1900 / day, 3-day minimum.
  • PO needs to include funds for all  Travel and Living Expenses.  Per Diem rates are attained by FEC through the website.
  • A regular Tech Rep service day is an 8 hour day from Monday-Friday. Our Tech Rep service has a 3-day minimum order. Each travel day counts as a Tech Rep service day and will be billed as such at the rate of $1,800 per day, unless the travel is on Saturday, Sunday or a Holiday where the rate is a flat $2,400 per day. All weekday overtime hours are billed at $300 per hour. Tech Rep service days on Saturdays are billed out at $2,400 per day and Sunday/Holidays will be billed at a rate of $3,200 per day

Engineering Service Rates (in-house, no travel):

  • Mechanical Engineer/Project Management $180 per hour
  • Electrical Engineer $195 per hour
  • Controls Engineer $225 per hour
  • Technical Writer/Draftsman $110 per hour
  • Technical Shop Labor $125 per hour
  • Field Mechanic Labor $125 per hour, 3-day minimum
  • >8 hours per day is billed at 1.5 X above rate
  • Sundays/Holidays is billed at 2 X above rate