Our Cincinnati location is responsible for all normal basic business and production, encompassing a full Engineering and Drafting Department as well as a manufacturing and warehousing area where we perform all necessary production assembly and quality assurance. Our administrative facility also houses a machine shop with state of the art equipment and a highly qualified staff.

Our Chesapeake office provides Federal Equipment Company a strategic work base for jobs located in the Atlantic Coastal Region. The 30,000 square feet of shop space and overhead cranes allow this location to be utilized for our many construction and fabrication projects. The majority of work involves fabrication of our engineered aluminum heliports for our commercial construction and offshore customers. However, this office additionally supports this region’s military customers in the overhaul and repair of conveyors, elevators, helicopter hangars/doors, and RAST equipment. This location is also responsible for providing subcontracting opportunities to the Norfolk area master shipyards.