Federal Equipment

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Federal Equipment Company

Servicing and supplying deck machinery and complex systems to the entire fleet.

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FEC's Advanced Weapons Elevators

For the US Navy's new carrier class.

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LPD-17 Class

FEC's dumbwaiters are a integral onboard material handling system.

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Complete R.A.S.T. system repair and replacement part support.

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Helo-Hangar Doors

Heavy duty marine service helo-hangar doors through naval and MSC fleets.

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Littoral Combat Ship

Aluminum extruded slat roller curtain door assemblies.

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U.S. Coast Guard

Providing helo hangar doors and systems.

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Ground Support

Services and equipment for ground support operations.

Federal Equipment Company (FEC) is a global leader in engineering, manufacturing and systems integration for the defense industry and commercial helicopter landing ventures. Through the years the company has emerged into an internationally recognized organization with challenging engineering and manufacturing capabilities.

Our early projects dealt with re-engineering various deck machinery products consisting of conveyors, elevators, fork truck guards, dumbwaiters, ammunition handling systems, RAST System, cranes, stanchions, boat davits, helicopter hangars, and doors. Our global presence has demanded maintaining service teams capable of being anywhere to ensure our customers fast, efficient, and reliable services.

Quality Made, Customer Driven.